Available Courses

We are delighted to be able to offer an online training programme for the spring term, delivered via Zoom. Wherever possible we ask that you use our online booking system (https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/downrightspecial) to reserve places as this helps enormously with our admin time and costs.

Contact us for rates if you are booking for more than 8 people from one setting or would like to arrange INSET training.

If you have any questions about our training then email training@downrightspecial.co.uk, or call us on 01482 420160.


Colourful Semantics for children with Down syndrome  - Zoom online course 

Thursday 14th January (3:30pm – 4:30pm)

Common features of delay in language acquisition includes, among other things, difficulties in learning the rules of grammar and greater problems in understanding the meaning of words.

This training aims to explore:

  • Colourful semantics as a way to teach sentence structure and understanding of word meanings
  • A variety of ways in which colourful semantics can be used with individuals and small groups to support grammatical understanding and language acquisition

Suitable for school staff and parents/carers.

Cost: £15.00 per person, £10.00 for Downright Special registered families.

Bookings can be made on: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/downrightspecial/t-ageaya


Teaching Vocabulary for children with Down syndrome – Zoom online course

Thursday 21st January (3.30pm-5.00pm)

“Vocabulary is a huge predictor of how far children from any background will succeed at school and beyond.” (Beimiller and Slonim 2001; Clegg et al 2009) and the objectives for the course are:

The training aims:

  • To understand the word learning process
  • To understand the impact of vocabulary knowledge on academic progress.
  • To understand the kind of words that need to be taught explicitly
  • To look at tools and strategies for explicit vocabulary instruction.

 Cost:   £15.00 per person, £10.00 for Downright Special registered families.

 Bookings can be made on: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/downrightspecial/t-oryevg


Introduction to Working with Children with Down Syndrome Zoom online course 

Thursday 28th January 2021 (3:30pm – 5:30pm)

Educating children with Down syndrome can present us with unfamiliar challenges.

  • How exactly do we provide the right type of curriculum with appropriate levels of expectation?
  • What does good practice look like? What are the keys to unlocking a child’s learning potential?

Delivered by Downright Special staff, this training will cover key facts about the multifaceted nature of Down syndrome and an in-depth exploration of the learning profile for Down syndrome and its implications for classroom practice.

We would recommend that teachers and teaching assistants attend the course together as the session covers issues of both classroom and one to one practice. SENCOs are also invited to attend.

Cost: £15.00 per person, £10.00 for Downright Special registered families.

Bookings can be made on: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/downrightspecial/t-ylyxjv


Working Memory for children with Down syndrome – Zoom online course

Thursday 11th February 2021 (3.30pm – 5:30pm) 

‘Many children with Down’s syndrome have poor working memories which affects their ability to hold, store, process, understand, manipulate and assimilate the spoken word’ (Down’s Syndrome Association and Down’s Syndrome Scotland).

 This training aims to explore:

  • The difference between long term, short term and working memory
  • The elements of working memory
  • The impact of working memory on learning across the curriculum
  • The characteristics of pupils with poor working memory
  • Tools for identifying working memory deficits
  • Intervention and support for children with poor working memory

Cost: £15.00 per person, £10.00 for Downright Special registered families.

Bookings can be made on:  https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/downrightspecial/t-pdanqp


Growing, Changing and Keeping Safe – Zoom online course 

Thursday 4th March 2021 9:15 – 12:45pm

‘All children and young people should be entitled to good quality sex and relationships education that will allow them to develop the qualities, attitudes, skills and knowledge to develop into healthy, happy and fulfilled adults’ (Wood, 2004).

This training aims to explore:

  • What is meant by sexuality
  • Common myths about sexuality and people with disabilities
  • The foundational concepts of sex and relationships education (SRE)
  • Resources/techniques for teaching SRE for young people with Down syndrome.

Cost: £25.00 per person, £10.00 for Downright Special registered families.

Bookings can be made on: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/downrightspecial/t-ylynzm


Toilet Training for Children with Down Syndrome (all ages) – Zoom online session

Thursday 11th March (7.00pm-9.00pm)

Do you need help toilet training your child with Down syndrome? Whether it be a young child just starting or an older child who still needs to develop skills towards independent toileting you are welcome to attend.  The session will cover how the bladder develops, skills needed to use the toilet, tips on toilet training, constipation, day and night time wetting.

The session will be led by Gillian Bowlas and Laura Nichols .

There will be an opportunity for a 1-1 follow-up discussion a month later to talk about how the toilet training is going.

Cost: FREE for Downright Special registered families

Bookings can be made on: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/downrightspecial/t-drqdjk


Co-ordination Difficulties  for children with Down syndrome 

Thursday  18th March 2021 (3.30pm – 5pm)

‘Research suggests that many children have difficulties processing the information they receive from their senses and then coordinating their movements’ (Down’s Syndrome Association and Down’s Syndrome Scotland). ‘If one takes the daily life of any individual, it is hard to think of any part of it that does not involve some form of movement activity. Thus a child/young person who has co-ordination difficulties enough to interfere with these activities is at an acute disadvantage (David Sugden, Professor of Special Educational Needs, University of Leeds).

This training aims to explore:

  • Definitions and characteristics of children with co-ordination difficulties
  • Assessment tools, target setting and interventions for the development of gross motor skills
  • Assessment tools, target setting and interventions for the development of fine motor skills

Cost: £15.00 per person (£10.00 for Downright Special registered families)

Bookings can be made on: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/downrightspecial/t-agepzk


INSET Training

We are pleased to offer a range of courses as INSET training for schools, pre-schools or nurseries in Hull and East Yorkshire, including:

  • Working Memory
  • Supporting Positive Behaviour
  • Language for Thinking
  • Language and Communication
  • Coordination Difficulties
  • Curriculum Access & Differentiation
  • Colourful Semantics
  • Growing, Changing & Keeping Safe
  • Introduction to Signing
  • Introduction to Numicon for Early Years Settings

Depending on staff availability we may be able to offer training out-of-area. Although our training makes special reference to children with Down syndrome many of the difficulties covered will be common to other children with special educational needs. Training is delivered on site during the school day or as a twilight session. (We may also be able to deliver these sessions remotely via video-conference. Please contact us for rates and to discuss your needs.) Click here to download full details of our INSET training and costs.


Recommended Courses

Please refer to the links for course details, including joining instructions, dates and fees. Downright Special is not responsible for material held by third party sites.


Free Clicker Apps Training Webinars

Crick Software (the company behind Clicker) run regular free webinars on using Clicker Apps (Clicker Sentences, Clicker Books, Clicker Docs and Clicker Connect).  

Look on the website for more information



Down’s Syndrome Association

See website for details of training offered by the DSA for parents and professionals:



Down Syndrome Education International

DSE offer online training courses for parents and professionals on language development for children with Down syndrome, and how to use the ‘See and Learn’ programmes to teach reading and language skills, early sound discrimination and speech production skills.  Please see their website for details of upcoming events:


Down Syndrome Awareness Week March 2021

Down Syndrome Awareness Week is 15th - 21st March 2021. Click here to find out more.


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