Expectant Parents

Dear Parents-to-be

You will be looking at this page because you have received some unexpected news – your baby may have Down syndrome.

We know this might be a difficult time for you and you may be considering decisions you never thought you would have to make. Take time to gather the information you need to help you make the decisions that feel right for you.

You are not alone and there is a whole community of people who have been in your situation.

If you would like to contact another local parent who has been in your situation, who is ready to listen to you and can chat with you about the reality, the joys and challenges of parenting a child with Down syndrome then please do get in touch with us on enquiries@downrightspecial.co.uk or call 01482 420160. You can also ask your midwife to contact us on your behalf if that would be easier.

If you are under the care of a midwife at Hull Women and Children’s Hospital then they will have a pack of information from us to give you.  If you haven’t received one then you can download the information below or give us a call and we can get one to you.

With our very best wishes for the future,

Downright Special


Expectant Parent Information Pack

https://www.downs-syndrome.org.uk/for-new-parents/being-pregnant/ - Looking forward to your baby

https://www.downs-syndrome.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/A-Leaflet-for-Friends-and-Family.pdf - Leaflet for family & friends

https://positiveaboutdownsyndrome.co.uk/ - Positive about Down syndrome: a really lovely website written by parents for parents and parents-to-be full of real-life stories.  If you’re considering screening, have received a diagnosis that your baby might have Down syndrome, or if you know someone in this situation, this site is great as it has been created and written by parents who know what this is like.

Great expectations DVD - families from Downright Special share some of their own experiences of parenting a child with Down syndrome, from the early weeks through to pre-school years.  We hope you find this useful.




Down Syndrome Awareness Week March 2024

Down Syndrome Awareness Week took place this year from the 18th of March to the 24th. This year's theme is "End the Stereotypes". Click here to find out more.


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